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Jeremy Wilson

Jeremy Wilson started out his career as a car mechanic but spent most of it in the software industry as a developer and manager. He has spent several years building the website JazzStandards.com.

1946 Packard

In June of 2007 Jeremy began a frame-off restoration of a 1946 Packard Custom Super Clipper Seven Passenger Sedan. Cataloging the disassembly pictures led to the creation of a web page which in turn led to the development of PopularRestorations.com.

1946 Packard

The Packard is PopularRestorations.comís project car. Most first-time restorers have a difficult time fathoming how it can take 1000 to 2000 hours to do a complete restoration. Or why restoration costs can be so high. All aspect of the Packardís restoration are discussed on our Article pages to show the typical challenges one might meet when doing a restoration. And to give an idea of where the time and money goes.

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