Auto Restoration Worksheet
Use a worksheet similar to this to itemize your sources for parts and services, their costs, and estimated start and completion dates.
● If your total is more than you can afford, you might want to revisit your objectives.
● Be sure to allow for schedule overruns when ordering parts or for services to be completed.
● The prices listed below are examples and are close but not actual costs of the associated parts and services.
Vendor Description Cost Annual
Start date End date
Identification and Purchase 
Cost of Vehicle eBay ad 1950 Chevrolet $9,500.00
Licensing Department of Motor Vehicles Transfer and license fees $200.00 $80.00
Required Tools Sears Tools $380.00
Rental fees EZ Rental Engine hoist $30.00
EZ Rental Car trailer $50.00
Prepping the Workspace Home Depot Fluorescent lighting $70.00
Insurance Hagerty Collector car policy - 1 year $160.00 $160.00
Storage John Adams Garage rental $1,800.00 $1,800.00
Restoration Education Community College Restoration class $280.00
Literature (Books, Manuals) Faxon Auto Motor Manual $35.00
Factory Auto Factory service manual $45.00
Amazon Auto Restoration for Idiots $28.00
Disassembly Procedures Costco Batteries for digital camera $12.00
Costco Baggies $9.00
Large Parts (Blasting and Dipping) Portland Powder Coating See Powder Coating below
Small Parts (Bead blasting/solvents) American Metal Cleaning Remove grease, paint, and rust $45.00
Repairing and Rebuilding (Chassis)
Frames Portland Powder Coating See Powder Coating below
Suspension Vintage Auto Parts Front suspension kit $280.00
Brakes Ott's Friction Reline shoes and turn drums $110.00
Ott's Friction Master and wheel cylinder kits $44.00
Repairing and Rebuilding (Drive Train - Engine)
Engine Rebuilding Portland Engine Rebuilders Rebuild long block and balance $2,300.00
Vintage Auto Parts Motor mounts $80.00
Cooling Systems Mac's Radiator Boil out radiator $90.00
Lubrication Schucks Oil, filter, grease $18.00
Fuel Systems Mac's Radiator Boil out and seal tank $220.00
Vintage Auto Parts Carburetor kit $40.00
Vintage Auto Parts Rebuilt fuel pump $60.00
Vintage Auto Parts New gas lines $90.00
Vintage Auto Parts Fuel filter $10.00
Engine Bays Paint Rattle cans of primer and paint $20.00
Repairing and Rebuilding (Drive Train - Transmission)
Clutches Ott's Friction Resurface flywheel $40.00
Ott's Friction Rebuild clutch disk $35.00
Ott's Friction Rebuild pressure plate $40.00
Ott's Friction Rebuild throwout bearing $25.00
Standard Transmissions Highland Auto Repair Rebuild standard transmission $400.00
eBay Transmission rebuild kit $95.00
Automatic Transmissions N/A
Repairing and Rebuilding (Drive Train - Drive shaft)
Drive Shafts Kanter Auto Replacement U-Joint $75.00
Repairing and Rebuilding (Drive Train - Rear end)
Rear Ends Vintage Auto Parts Axle seals $35.00
Repairing and Rebuilding (Drive Train - Wheels)
Rims Portland Powder Coating See Powder Coating below
Becker Auto Sandblasting $60.00
Hubcaps eBay Replacement hubcaps $200.00
Oregon Plating Rechrome $400.00
Tires Coker Tires Wide whitewalls $575.00
Repairing and Rebuilding (Body - Body Exterior)
Rust Repair Westside Auto Paint Replace trunk pan $1,200.00
Dent Removal Westside Auto Paint Remove plastic filler and assorted dents $1,800.00
Glass Beaverton Glass Windshield $300.00
Beaverton Glass Glass for two door and two vents $280.00
Beaverton Glass Channel for all doors $160.00
Beaverton Glass Felt strips for all doors $120.00
Weather Stripping and Seals Vintage Auto Parts Window,door, trunk, firewall, light seals $1,300.00
Repairing and Rebuilding (Body - Interior)
Upholstery Seats $675.00 Headliner $200.00 Door panels $400.00 Windlacing $100.00
Classic Auto Upholstery Labor $3,000.00
Steering Wheels Eastwood Company Steering wheel repair kit $49.00
Metal Trim Cruisin' Classics Buff stainless at $8.00 per foot (window and body trim) $800.00
Heating Mac's Radiator Boil out heater $30.00
Air Conditioning N/A
Windshield Wipers Ace Auto Parts Replacement blades $20.00
Sound and heat insulation Eastwood Company Hush Mat and heat barrier material $480.00
Repairing and Rebuilding (Electrical)
Electrical - Engine Ancillary Vintage Auto Parts Tune up kit $95.00
Vintage Auto Parts Generator rebuild kit $35.00
Vintage Auto Parts Starter rebuild kit $35.00
Electrical - Main Harness Andy's Auto Electric Wiring harness $650.00
Electrical - Fuel System Fred's instrument repair Rebuild gas gauge sending unit $100.00
Electrical - Lighting Ace Auto Parts Replacement bulbs $35.00
Electrical - Interior
Painting the Engine and Drivetrain Ace Auto Parts Self-etching primer and spray paint $40.00
Painting and Bodywork Westside Auto Paint Repaint exterior, firewall, door jams $9,000.00
Powder Coating Portland Powder Coating Powder coat frame, wheels, etc. $450.00
Ceramic Coatings Superior Ceramics Ceramic coat exhaust $250.00
Anti-rust Coatings and Sealants Bob's Auto Parts Gasket sealer, silicone glue, POR-15, urethane $60.00
Plating - Chrome, Nickel, etc. Oregon plating Bumpers, grill, hood ornament, etc. $2,500.00
Plating - Zinc, Cadmium, etc. Eastside Plating Zinc plate all nuts, bolts, etc. $200.00
Purchasing Parts Assorted Miscellaneous parts $1,000.00
Fasteners Ace Hardware Replace rusted nuts/bolts $80.00
Motor and Transmission Mounts Vintage Auto Parts Motor and transmission mounts $120.00
Hoses and Belts Bob's Auto Parts Fan belt, heater hose, and clamps $68.00
Assembly Procedures EZ Rental Engine hoist, spring compressor $50.00
Hidden costs
Trips to stores and service providers 200 trips @ $3.00 per trip $600.00
Shipping costs for online orders $500.00
Costs for returning wrong parts $50.00
Totals $44,818.00 $2,040.00
Note: Don't forget associated costs such as car club membership fees and tours