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Where the Money Goes
1946 Packard picture 1946 Packard: Expenses by Category

"She's so fine, there's no telling where the money went!" --Robert Palmer

Here is a breakdown of expenses for Popular Restoration's feature car, a 1946 Packard Custom Super Clipper Seven Passenger Sedan.

For those who are doing a restoration for the first time (and those who don't have perfect memories) it can be helpful to review the categories of automobile restoration and their associated costs. Keep in mind that you may do your restoration for considerably less because

  • this restoration was fairly complete
  • a 1946 Packard Seven Passenger Sedan is 19 feet long so the expenses are in many cases higher than restoring a smaller more popular car. This is due to the size of the body, frame, engine, tires, and the amount of chrome, as well as the fact that replacement Packard parts often cost more than GM, Ford, or Chrysler products
  • you may choose to do the rust repair, body work, paint, engine and transmission rebuilding yourself.

Click any label on the chart to see a detailed breakdown of expenses (below the chart.)

Click to see Identification and Purchase detail Click to see Cleaning detail Click to see Chassis detail Click to see Engine detail Click to see Transmission detail Click to see Drive Shaft detail Click to see Rear End detail Click to see Wheels detail Click to see Electrical detail Click to see Body - Exterior detail Click to see Body - Interior detail Click to see Finishing detail Click to see Assembly detail Click to see Consulting detail Click to see Associated Expenses detail Packard Expenses

Click any label on the chart to see a detailed breakdown of expenses.
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