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Car restoration isn’t only about engines, paint, and interiors. Follow the links to see our 200+ articles on over 60 restoration topics.

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Repairing and Rebuilding (Chassis)

Repairing and Rebuilding (Engine)

Repairing and Rebuilding (Transmission)

Repairing and Rebuilding (Drive shaft)

Repairing and Rebuilding (Rear end)

Repairing and Rebuilding (Wheels)

Repairing and Rebuilding (Body - Exterior)

Repairing and Rebuilding (Body - Interior)

Repairing and Rebuilding (Electrical)




Museum Profiles

Special Topics

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Various Artists
Car And Driver: Greatest Car Songs And Other Lost Treasures Of The Road
Peter Pan, Audio CD
Includes “No Particular Place to Go,” “On the Road Again,” “Highway 49,” “Rocket 88,” “Little Deuce Coupe,” “Ballad of Thunder Road,” “Hot Rod Race,” “409,” “Little G.T.O.,” “Dead Man’s Curve,” “Shut Down,” “Route 66,” “Drag City,” and “Hot Rod Lincoln.”

Rev It Up
...from Hot Rod Magazine
Capitol, Audio CD

Includes “Drag City,””Hey Little Cobra,” “409,” “Hot Rod City,” “Little Hot Rod Suzie,” “Let’s Have a Party,” “40 Miles of Bad Road,” “No Particular Place to Go,” “G.T.O.,” “Dead Man’s Curve,” “SS 396,” “Mustang Sally,” “Boss Barracuda,” and “Little Deuce Coupe.”

Matt Joseph
Collector Car Restoration Bible: Practical Techniques for Professional Results
Krause Publications, Paperback, 2005-10-14

This book covers it all, from buying a restorable car to the finishing touches. And in between, it touches on every part of the car, from sheet metal repair to engine internals. If you were to have just one book as a guide, this would be that book. The book is photo-rich and provides both procedural details and collected wisdom from experienced restorers.

Automotive Museums
Classic American Automotive Museums: Motorhead Museums
M2k, DVD
Take a tour of the Justice Brothers museum to see midget racers, funny cars, hot rods and dragsters. Then the Edelbrock museum to see Vic Jr’s 1946 Ford Woody and many other famous rods and customs, not to mention a trip to the Edelbrock factory. Finally, you’ll take a trip to the National Hot Rod Museum in Pomona, CA.

Ed Hubbs
Body & Paint Bare Metal to Clearcoat
Custom Painter Ed Hubbs takes you through the entire process of auto painting, including stripping, metal finishing, applying body filler, priming, and the correct application of basecoat paint and clear coat.

Automotive Cooling System DVD
Educational Video Network, Inc., DVD
This DVD provides basic instruction on removal and installation of a water pumps, thermostats, and hoses.

Cars & Automobiles History Collection: Vintage Ford, Jeep, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, General Motors & Model T Car Films
Quality Information Publishers, Inc., DVD, 2007

This DVD box set contains over 20 hours of classic car video entertainment, from manufacturer news promotions to features on styling, to the history of America’s passion for automobiles.

Classic Auto Engine Mechanics Films DVD: Historic 1930s - 1940s Automobile Engine Mechanics & Car Repair Training Films
Quality Information Publishers Inc., DVD, 2006

As much for entertainment as education, this DVD has eight shorts from the 30s and 40s that explain how automobiles work. Topics include rear axle systems, electrical systems, body work , carburetion, friction, shock absorbers, internal combustion, and vacuum systems.

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